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Lakeside Dental Surgery Center

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Lakeside Dental Surgery Center will be a single specialty, ambulatory surgery center dedicated to the dental treatment of children of northeast Florida and southeast Georgia in a safe and comfortable environment.

  • Patients will receive their dental treatment while under general anesthesia delivered from the care of a pediatric anesthesiologist.
  • The procedures performed in this office will include restorative dental procedures such as filling cavities and placing crowns, as well as extracting teeth. 
  • This office, along with its affiliated and credentialed dental professionals, will provide access to safe and comfortable dental care to all children.
  • Lakeside Dental Surgery Center and its four operating rooms will ensure that the 12-month waiting period some patients currently experience for this type of restorative dental need will no longer occur in this area.
  • Scheduled to be open for treating patients in the fall of 2022.
  • Conveniently located on the southside of Jacksonville a mile north of the I-95 & I-295 interchange.
  • We proudly participate with most medical and dental insurances, including Medicaid. For those families without insurance, there will be convenient and flexible payment options. 
  • Care is delivered by a team of medical professionals who will ensure your child is always safe and comfortable.
  • Our experienced team of administrative professionals will ensure the scheduling and insurance process is coordinated efficiently and professionally. 
  • We provide a comfortable waiting area for parents to relax during their child’s procedure.
  • We provide private recovery rooms for maximum comfort to allow for parents to sit with their child before and after treatment.
  • Lakeside Dental Surgery Center is specifically designed for the treatment of many types of dental patients. Some of those patients include:
    • Young children who need extensive restorative dental treatment.
    • Children and adults who experience fear and anxiety and therefore, are uncooperative or unable to have their dental treatment performed safely while awake in a traditional dental office.
    • Children and adults who have special healthcare needs that prohibit dental treatment to be completed in a traditional dental office without sedation.
  • Our 8,000 square foot office will have 4 operating rooms with state-of-the-art dental equipment and technology.
  • We will have an open credentialing process available to pediatric dentists, oral surgeons, and other dentists in the region who successfully complete the thorough process. 
  • The open credentialing process will allow patients with extensive treatment plans to have their treatment completed in a single visit by their own dentist.
  • Dentists will receive the red-carpet treatment by our team as we learn each dentist’s preferences and prepare the operating rooms to those specifications.
  • A comfortable break room and isolated area for dentists to prepare for patients and complete notes after their cases.
  • A dedicated patient coordination team that will facilitate the scheduling process directly with your patients and your office manager to ensure a seamless process.
  • An experienced patient benefits team skilled in coordination of patient medical and dental insurances.For dental providers that choose not to credential with the surgery center, the office will be open to receiving referrals from the dental community to have their patient’s dental treatment completed by the facility’s highly-qualified dental team, before referring back to the dental practice for the patient’s routine care.
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Lakeside Dental Surgery Center will be a supported practice of Lakeside Dental Management

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