What Makes Us Special

What Makes Lakeside Dental Surgery Center Special?

It’s possible that your current dentist can provide your care! With an open credentialing process for eligible dental providers, Lakeside Dental Surgery Center encourages all pediatric dentists and oral surgeons in our community to become credentialed dentists. If your dentist is not a credentialed provider of Lakeside Dental Surgery Center, don’t worry. We have several experienced dentists who can meet your family, provide treatment, and then refer the patient back to your established dentist!

Four operating rooms are dedicated completely to the treatment of patients who are unable to receive care in a traditional dental office setting. Led by an experienced anesthesia and medical care team, Lakeside Dental Surgery Center will provide unlimited access for patients who previously would have ended up on a never-ending waiting list for treatment while under anesthesia.

Lakeside Dental Surgery Center welcomes all patients, including those with developmental healthcare needs. Only patients with severe underlying healthcare issues will not be eligible for treatment at the surgery center, but we will work with you to have the patient coordinated for treatment at Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

You can put your family’s medical insurance benefits to use! Ambulatory surgical centers (ASC) are medical facilities, and Lakeside Dental Surgery Center is in network with most medical insurance carriers, including Medicaid. That means that your medical insurance will provide benefits towards the anesthesia and facility fees associated with the patient’s treatment. 

*The patient’s dental provider will coordinate the dental insurance benefits for the dental treatment.

AAAHC Accredited

At Lakeside Dental Surgery Center, we are committed to providing exceptional care and maintaining the highest standards of patient safety. As evidence of this commitment, six weeks after opening our facility our team achieved accreditation from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). This significant accomplishment reflects our unwavering dedication to providing outstanding patient care and upholding the highest standards of safety.

What Is AAAHC Accreditation?

AAAHC is a distinguished organization committed to elevating the quality of healthcare within many ambulatory medical organizations and facilities. Their rigorous accreditation process evaluates multiple facets of patient care, safety protocols, and administrative practices. By attaining AAAHC accreditation, we have demonstrated our commitment to exceeding industry standards and ensuring your safety and well-being throughout your experience with us.

The ‘1095 Strong’ Journey

AAAHC’s accreditation program and motto is ‘1095 Strong’. It refers to the importance of equipping healthcare leaders and facilities with the tools necessary to maintain operational excellence for the 3 years (1,095 days) in-between accreditation.

As we proudly bear the badge of AAAHC accreditation, please rest assured that we have implemented stringent protocols and procedures to maintain the utmost patient safety and care. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to continually refine our services, ensuring that your experience at Lakeside Dental Surgery Center is nothing short of exceptional.

Why Would A Patient Receive Dental Treatment At Lakeside Dental Surgery Center?

Lakeside Dental Surgery Center provides the opportunity for patients to receive their dental treatment while undergoing general anesthesia in a safe medical environment. There are many reasons why patients may be treated in a surgery center. Some examples of patients who will be treated at our facility would be patients who are unable to tolerate treatment in a dental office without the support of anesthesia. These reasons would include pediatric patients who have an extensive treatment plan, patients with special healthcare needs, including developmental delays, or patients who have severe dental treatment anxiety that prevents them from tolerating treatment in the dental office.

Advanced Technology & Equipment

Lakeside Dental Surgery Center is a licensed Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), which means it was designed and equipped to meet incredibly high patient safety standards. Our surgery center opened in 2023, which means we offer our patients a facility with advanced technology and new, state-of-the-art equipment.

Expertise & Training

Our team of medical specialists at Lakeside Dental Surgery Center has undergone extensive training and has much experience in caring for patients receiving complex dental restorative treatments. By being a single-specialty surgery center, focused on patients receiving dental treatment, our medical team is uniquely qualified to treat and care for patients undergoing dental treatment. The medical team at Lakeside Dental Surgery Center has the skills and expertise to deliver safe and positive outcomes for our patients. For more information on the Lakeside Dental Surgery team, click here!

Specialized Environment

As a licensed, single-specialty dental ASC, Lakeside Dental Surgery Center is designed specifically for the preparation, treatment, and recovery of patients receiving complex dental restorative treatments. This means that our facility is equipped with all of the specialized supplies, equipment, and resources needed to perform these procedures safely and effectively.

Comfort & Convenience

From a calming and relaxing environment to a centrally located facility, we have designed our center to be as comfortable and convenient as possible for our patients and their loved ones. From our warm and welcoming waiting areas to our private recovery areas, we strive to provide our families with the best possible experience.

Treatment Affordability

Lakeside Dental Surgery Center participates with all medical insurance and carriers. This includes patients with Medicaid. This means you are welcome to use your medical benefits for the anesthesia and facility portions of the dental treatment. For more information about insurance and treatment financial policies, click here!

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A referral is required from your dentist or physician.