Billing & Insurance

Billing & Insurance Information

Lakeside Dental Surgery Center is a brand-new surgery center, and we are in the process of credentialing with every major medical insurance provider, including Tricare and Florida Medicaid. Our facility is a medical facility, which means your family is able to use its medical insurance for the anesthesia services provided by the anesthesiologist, and all facility fees associated with the care the patient receives. As our medical insurance payer list grows, you can find Lakeside Dental Surgery Center’s in-network insurance companies on this page.  

Until Lakeside Dental Surgery Center is contracted as an in-network facility with the insurance companies, some insurance companies may provide out-of-network benefits. Our team can assist you with determining if your insurance company provides out-of-network benefits.

During the first few months of opening, Lakeside Dental Surgery Center is offering a deeply discounted, Cash Fee, for families who choose this method of payment. Please contact us to learn more about this Grand Opening Discounted Pricing and all other payment methods. 

The dental treatment is subject to the dental network participation of your dentist, and claims will be processed from their dental office after treatment, as usual. Please contact the patient’s dental practice for more information regarding the insurance benefits and cost of treatment estimates for the dental treatment. 

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A referral is required from your dentist or physician.